History of Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the cultivating of aquatic organisms under controlled conditions. Aquaculture is not a recent invention. The earliest known example of aquaculture is eel pens in Australia that date back to 6000 BCE. Aquaculture has been used continuously in China since 2500 BCE. Changing conditions in our oceans has brought rapid technological advances to the field over the last few decades.

The Demand for seafood is driving the advancements in aquaculture. Every year we eat more seafood.


This increasing demand is putting a lot of stress on the wild fish populations. Two thirds of the fish stocks are heavily exploited to depleted. These wild stocks cannot continue to supply our growing demands.


We reached our highest yearly catches in the mid 1990’s. Since that time the catch has fallen by about 13% while the energy used to make that catch has nearly doubled.


Demand for seafood is continuing to rise. The percentage of that seafood that can be wild caught will continue to fall. The only way to make up the difference is with aquaculture.

Do to the higher demands for aquacultured seafood, the old methods no longer work. Coastal ponds where water is exchanged between the ponds and the estuary are not healthy for the animals or the environment. Systems that are separate from the coastal environment where water quality can be optimized for the animals and their waste can be treated so not to damage the environment. At PureGrown Aquaculture we are using cutting edge technology to bring you the highest quality environmentally safe shrimp on the market.